5 June 2021

Distributing Lunch for Covid Patients

  Sisters from the St. Joseph Province preparing and distributing lunch packets to the inmates of Madurai Government Hospital.
30 January 2021


    Here is what I experience at Claire Maison, as I welcome people who provide maintenance service into our home. From July to December 2020, […]
30 January 2021

Armenian Women of the Ottoman Empire at the School of France

     Mrs. Paulette Houbouyan-Coutant did a long research on the cultural and linguistic policy of France in Armenia in the 19th century in view of […]
29 January 2021


     Three sisters, deaf by birth, chose to spend a few vacation days in Verdun. Verdun, a city with a rich history of the 1st […]
29 January 2021

A Time of Remembrance in Community on November 12

  Two years ago, on her 80th birthday, Marguerite wanted her community to plant a tree: an apple tree. The days passed, she waited for the […]
26 December 2020


    All the Sisters were gathered in the community hall and everything had been planned: Christmas carols, snacks with drinks and personalized gifts. To this […]
12 December 2020

11 SJL Associates made their promise

On 08.12.2020, on the Feast day of our Lady of Immaculate Conception, in our  St Mary’s Community Chapel, eleven Associates have given their “Promise ” to […]
14 August 2020


During the confinement, Valentin, a student in "Sound and Radio Communication" from the University of Bordeaux, thought of the Nursing Home residents who were particularly isolated… […]
14 August 2020

Community at Messimy

Since 2006, I have been involved at the SAPAM (Service of Accompaniment of the Elderly in Messimy) of the Messimy Town Hall. At the instigation of […]
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