Becoming Associates of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon

If you are searching for a spirituality
If you want to deepen your faith and grow in relationship with God and with others


If you want to acknowledge and announce God’s love

The Father, in whom everything has its being
The Son
, incarnation of total self-giving
The Spirit
, source of universal love

This love engages us to work towards:

The unity of people with God and of people with one another

Like Mary, in listening faithfully to the Spirit

Like Joseph, in a cordial and simple manner.

If you are interested in this manner of commitment, you are invited to speak with a sister or a group of Associates:

  • Take time to reflect and pray with a group of associates,
  • Become acquainted with the Congregation, its spirituality and mission,
  • Discern God’s call for each person.

Thus the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph, lived in various ways, is communicated
in time and reveals itself in new forms, according to places and countries…

“Always preserve the simplicity and humility that must characterize the daughters of St. Joseph.”  Abbé Piron   14 juillet, 1808

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