Become a Sister of St. Joseph

If you have

  • A spirit that thirsts and seeks God?
  • An attraction towards simple way of life?
  • A desire to bring unity and reconciliation to a broken world?
  • A genuine interest to live a life of service to neighbor?
  • A just heart to empower the most rejected and powerless? 

Then becoming a Sister of Saint-Joseph of Lyon

          could be a path for you……

A Sister of Saint-Joseph of Lyon

          moves always towards

a profound love of God and love of neighbor…

How to Begin

Do you think you may be called to vowed religious life, but you are not sure? 

Here are some steps that will help you…

Prayer every day.
Pray for the enlightenment and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Live with us– live your life and look at how God has been
guiding you in your life.
Consult a person who journeys with you, who can help
you discover how God is leading you through your experiences.

Be with us– Knowing about the sisters, our spirituality and
community life and ministry will help you discover
if our way of life might be right for you.
The community also discerns if you have the suitability
for life in the community.

Discern with us– A God who calls you will enlighten your journey
throughout the process. You may experience peace
with your decision. Then proceed with your decision.


Through the grace of discernment, you will discover what God wants of you.

 God gives each of us a purpose.

 Discover it – Live it – this purpose is our life’s mission, our vocation.


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