The Congregations of St Joseph are part of an NGO with a general status

to the United Nations, through ECOSOC.

Mission Statement:(based on the General Consultative Status granted in 1999)

 “The NGO of the Congregations of St Joseph is an organization of religious sisters, members of the Catholic Church; it represents more than 13,000 members in 56 countries. The purpose of this structure is to promote healthy and equitable societies.

 This non-governmental organization (NGO) has the human and financial resources to carry out the promotion and defense of human rights, eradication of poverty, development of environmental sustainability, women and children’s education, community health, social and human services.

 These sectors are reached through educational institutions and staff, from primary school to university, for health services, such as hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and other relief services; through the support of community development projects in disadvantaged areas, at the national and regional levels; through working to promote women and children, displaced persons, victims of trafficking and human trafficking, marginalized minority groups and indigenous peoples. »

Our mission as an NGO at the United Nations is to affect and influence the laws and international agreements that are signed in this entity. We insist that any signed agreement take into account the human aspect and be imbued with respect, inclusion and sustainability.

In and from this NGO, we work in partnership with other NGOs of various philosophies, beliefs, nationalities, for A MORE JUST AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD.

International agreements signed by UN State members of the UN must be applied and implemented in the reality of each country. The mission of each of us, in its daily practice and life, must allow these goals to gain strength and life at the public and political level in each reality: this is what gives value and importance to this office and to this mission

This NGO in New York is a simple public, political and visible representation of each and every one of us, Sisters of Saint Joseph present throughout the world, at the United Nations. It is modest, but extremely important “For the Life of the World.”

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