The grace of Lourdes at home

Launched in 2021, by the rector of the Notre-Dame de Lourdes sanctuary, Father Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, the Missions Notre-Dame de Lourdes intend to “Bring Lourdes outside of Lourdes”.

This is how the diocese of Belley-Ars, through its diocesan service of Pilgrimages and Hospitality, accepted that two Chaplains from Lourdes come to the diocese for 3 days, to meet parishioners wishing to receive them.

From November 26 to 28, 4 places were proposed. Jasseron being close to one of them, it was proposed to Marc Gadiolet, our chaplain, to receive the Chaplains here at the retirement home.

Residents, a few outsiders, in all about fifteen people welcomed Fathers Denis Tosser and Maxime Kouassi, who say the rosary and celebrate the Eucharist at the Grotto of Lourdes.

After the introduction of each person, we prayed, sang and said the rosary together; then we received water from the Source in the palm of our hands: so everyone could drink this water or wash their face.

We were able to write prayer intentions which will be expressed in the Lourdes rosary; finally we received a nice gift: two small bottles of Lourdes water to keep or to offer.

The assembly thanked these two chaplains who came to share with us the grace of Lourdes.

“A smile from Mary”.

The Community of Jasseron